From The Life Of Collectors. What Do Debt Collectors Spend Their Wages On

From The Life Of Collectors. What Do Debt Collectors Spend Their Wages On

How much can such an activity be assessed, where collectors spend their salaries, and what requirements are placed on candidates for the position – read further in the article.

The collector is a specialist engaged in debt collection. His duties include:

  • negotiating with debtors in order to convince them to repay their loan obligations;
  • face-to-face meetings with borrowers as part of outdoor activities;
  • advising clients on the rational allocation and repayment of existing debts;
  • participation in search activities if necessary;
  • interaction with the FSSP in the framework of the case;


  • representation in the courts.

The average salary and demand for collectors in the cities of the Russian Federation

debt collectors

Most often, the salaries of specialists in the resolution of issues related to problem debt consist of a salary and a percentage of the recovery amount . This motivates them to perform their duties as productively as possible. A conversation with the borrower should bear fruit in the form of a repaid loan .

Monthly remuneration of such work varies from 30 to 200 thousand rubles. For the “collector” request, you will see about 1,300 vacancies there, but many of them will be from another area, since this term has several meanings. You can also search for proposals for the “debt collection” tag. The average salary for candidates with experience and specialized education is about 80 thousand rubles . There are vacancies where beginners are ready to take on training.

As with many other professions, most collectors are required in Moscow and the region. Next, in descending order of interest, there is the Leningrad Region and Krasnodar Territory The overall picture of demand by region can be seen in the diagram.


Collector costs on a particular example

debt collectors

What do the troubled debt collectors spend their money on? For example, consider the personal finances of a collector from Moscow, who got a job with a headhunter. Before moving to the capital and receiving a new position, he studied at the university with a degree in Civil Law and was an assistant to the legal adviser.

During the interview he had to answer both standard questions about the level of legal training and unusual questions regarding his mental balance. The peculiarities of the work include a non-standard schedule – morning and evening shifts alternate in a week. Telephone conversations have to be carried out with debtors from across the country.

The monthly salary is 32,000 rubles, additional bonuses are accrued for the amount of fees. The diagram below shows the distribution of the total income of 52,000 rubles according to the personal needs of a particular collector.

Housing costs make up only 6% of the total. You have to pay only for utilities, as relatives helped with real estate. Saving on food contributes to self-cooking instead of buying convenience foods or food in cafes and restaurants. Travel expenses on the metro and in the bus are reduced due to the use of the transport card “Troika”. The section “Financial Aid to Friends” includes the monthly support of parents 5 thousand rubles. and debts to friends 1,5 thousand rubles. Classes in the gym paid monthly subscription. The list of references includes books by Russian writers, scientific and reference books, as well as materials on collection activities and the art of negotiation.


Requirements for candidates and features of the profession

debt collectors

The following requirements are made for candidates for the post of specialist of a collection agency:

  • the presence of higher or incomplete higher education in the field of jurisprudence;
  • knowledge of civil procedure, civil and banking law;
  • excellent possession of the norms of the Federal Law “On Enforcement Proceedings”, understanding of its terms and procedures;
  • frequent travel readiness;
  • confident possession of PC and office programs.

An additional bonus will be experience in banking or law enforcement structures, direct sales, network marketing, the FSSP service and directly collection agencies. You may also need category B rights and your own car. An important role is played by the psychological preparation of the candidate.

Qualities required by collectors:

  • stress resistance;
  • politeness;
  • mental maturity;
  • lack of unprocessed aggression.

All these parameters will be checked at the interview. Later, the chief will establish supervision over the newcomer, checking his professional suitability. It’s not so easy to stay in such a psychologically difficult position! If you care for justice, are interested in banking products, are not afraid of difficulties and know how to control yourself, then this job is for you.

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