Improve Your Personal Finance

RHH Finance is the private financial consulting firm that has more books published. Since 2011 we have published 8 books on the improvement of the financial life of Portuguese families. We make training and prevention one of the great missions of the company. We want to help more and more people improve their financial lives. Thus, we give you to know some of our best books.


Personal Finance Manual

The Personal Finance Handbook is probably the most comprehensive personal finance book. It was published shortly before the Troika entered Portugal and resulted from the professional experience of its authors in the financial world. It addresses topics as diverse as family budget, savings and debt reduction strategies, as well as more investment-oriented themes. It benefited from contents compiled in the postgraduate course in Financial Analysis, which conferred to one of the authors the European Certificate of Financial Analyst.


Savings Handbook

Personal Finance Manual

A book that aimed to deepen the topic of savings that had already been published in the Personal Finance Manual. The authors present many more strategies for saving and cutting costs in a handy and readable guide.


Live a happy retirement

A book written by the financial experts, pension fund manager at one of the leading banks in Portugal. In this book are discussed strategies to save money for retirement but fundamentally strategies, rules and tips to invest your money in order to reach your goals in the Reformation. The book is very complete and addresses a theme that needs to be worked out in Portugal. 


How To Teach My Child To Save

Or Spend Less Or Earn More

The book how to teach my child to save was first launched in partnership with AVB Bank and will soon be offered on our website. It was a book written by Mafalda and João Morais Barbosa and aims to contribute to the discussion around the need to talk with the children about some structuring themes of their lives. It talks about money but more importantly it talks about relationships, about human values ​​and about what becomes important in children’s lives. You can download for free.


My First Personal Finance Book

This book was also published for the first time with AVB Bank and we hope to soon also be available in digital format. A book that is meant for children. You want to talk to the younger ones about what money is and all that is pregnant around you. A small contribution of financial literacy for the youngest.


Where For My Money

Or Spend Less Or Earn More

We often ask this question. Where for our money … this book was written to help us organize personal and family finances. It seeks to give very practical and very assertive guidelines on budget management, saving tips, debt relief and other issues that mark our day to day. A very solid and profound book in human terms and that mirrors the formative experience of its author.