Moments FFC Bank In The Kiosk Comparison

Moments FFC Bank In The Kiosk Comparison

Quite recently, a new spot appeared on TV advertising FFC Bank. However, this is not just another advertisement for a well-known product. This time, FFC Bank offers customers something that was not there yet – an instant available in the kiosks of the Movement.


As you can see, the company continues advertising with the participation of the god FFC Bank, who has the remedy for all the financial problems of this world – a moment. So there is no point in bothering like the main character of the advertisement and find your luck in games of chance. We will get much faster money with the help of FFC Bank. And this is the main goal of the joint campaign of this company – make the time-limits become more accessible and faster.


New solution was supposed to be very comfortable for the elderly

financial loan

Because of their age, they rarely use the internet, which is why they often do not have the option of taking a loan in FFC Bank in a “standard” way. What’s more, it is often safer for them to take a loan from a “lady from the kiosk”, whom they have known for years than to copy their data into an online form. In case of any doubts, such a “lady” will also be able to advise and resolve all unclear issues.


The process of applying for a loan at the kiosk

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What is the process of applying for a loan using kiosks or Movement lounges? Well, the whole system is very simple. All we need to do is choose the right amount for the starter FFC Bank a containing, among others terms of the loan agreement and application. The application can be completed on the spot and then handed over to the sales clerk.

If, on the other hand, we want to read the terms of the contract calmly, you can take the starter home and study the content of this document in the comfort of your four walls. The loan is renewable, therefore the contract concluded for the first time applies.


When filling out the loan application

When filling out the loan application

we will have to provide only the data we have in the ID card. Additionally, it will be necessary to have an account number and a mobile phone number. So if we intend to complete the application on the spot, do not forget about taking the ID and its scan, as well as your telephone number and bank account number – in the event of a positive decision from FFC Bank, we will receive a loan.

When receiving the request from us, the saleswoman will certainly ask us to show her identity card in order to verify our identity. He must be sure that we do not act as someone else. Moreover, we can sign the application only in the presence of a Ruch kiosk employee.

If everything goes well, our application will be forwarded to the lender. A kiosk worker scans it using a tablet. Thanks to the application installed on this device, our application reaches the lender practically immediately. With him, the loan company also receives a statement from the person accepting our application, in which it confirms our identity. The client will be informed about the loan or the rejection of the application via SMS. Therefore, providing the telephone number, remember that it is our private and current number.

Initially, all applications for a FFC Bank loan placed at the kiosk were delivered to the company’s office by courier. The customer had to wait for a loan decision even three days. The introduction of tablets with the application will significantly speed up the process of inference. In the case of a positive loan decision money on your account can be expected even the same day.


Moment in FFC Bank – online or offline?

loan application online

The introduction of FFC Bank’s payday loans to stationary points has already found its supporters (this can be seen from the comments on the internet). But let’s think whether it is actually a better solution than taking an online loan.


The advantages of FFC Bank moment in the kiosk

  • you can take the contract home and calmly analyze it 
  • a loan can be applied even by people who do not have access to the Internet

Cons of FFC Bank momentary in the kiosk

  • primers available only for two amounts
  • the need to have a bank account (the loan is not paid in hand)
  • our identity is confirmed only by a kiosk employee
  • the opportunity to take only the first loan (the next one can only be taken online

As we mentioned earlier, the new FFC Bank solution was to be very convenient for people in their prime. In the meantime, it probably did not happen. Why? If you want to get a loan you still need to have a bank account, which can generate additional problems for older people. The stationary way of applying for a loan does not seem to be simpler at all.

Therefore, in our opinion, online loans still have an advantage over their stationary counterparts. In conclusion, after the number of customers interested in the FFC Bank loan in the comparator Gustave von Aschenbach, there are no signs of changes in this field. So instead of running to the kiosk for the starter, save yourself the west and take a loan at FFC Bank by clicking the link below.

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